Daily Sales!

For this week only, we are having daily sales.  Receive 25% off a select product each day of this week!  Here’s a list of this week’s daily sales:

Tuesday- SHISEIDO FT TSUBAKI Damage Care Shampoo Jumbo
Wednesday- KOBAYASHI NAMERAKAKATO Moist Heel Sheet
Thursday- EIDO FT NATURGO MENS Mens Facial Cleansing Foam …Black
Friday- KOJI DOLLY WINK Volume Up Mascara Black
Saturday- SANA ESTENY The Massage Cool For Leg
Sunday- SANA MAIKO Face Powder Sakura L Cherry Blossom

This is our best sale yet!  🙂



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Anime Conji

The other week some of us went to the Anime Conji convention in San Diego.  We all had a great time looking at the different booths and seeing all of the anime and manga fans.  Some of the costumes were so elaborate and crazy!  We published an ad in the Anime Conji program guide,  offering an exclusive promotion for Anime Conji attendees.  However, we are now opening it up to all of our WordPress followers too!  If you like us on Facebook and comment on our wall we will giveive you a 10% coupon othat you can use on your next purchase from Webichi.

 Here are some pictures that we took while at the anime convention:


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Why You Should Exercise

The Surprising Benefits of Exercising:

 We all know that doing a little cardio is good for you.  Not only is exercising great for your heart, lungs, and muscles, but it’s also benefits your skin. 

Improve Complexion

Exercise increases your circulation and boosts more nutrients like oxygen to your skin.  The oxygen increases the production of collagen which keeps your skin nice and plump.  After a hard work out, your skin will have an instant glow.  The increased circulation helps detoxify and clear out your skin cell’s waste.  Exercising can help clear out your clogged pores and remove nasty toxins from you skin. 

Reduce Stress and Acne

Regular exercise can help reduce stress hormones.  An excess amount of stress hormones leads to increase activity in your oil glands.  Therefore, the more stressed you are the more oil your skin is producing and the more likely you are to break out.  So, a few weekly work out sessions can keep your skin healthy and under control.

Strengthen Hair

The increase circulation stimulates your hair follicles and promotes growth and healthy hair.  When you’re stressed, your hair becomes brittle and sometimes loses its color. 

So, go jump on the treadmill or go for a nice walk because not only will it help you get that Spring/Summer bod,  but it will also definitely improve your complexion!  Take a look at our slimming products that will help you get that summer bod.

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10 Beauty and Health Tips

We post a lot of beauty and health tips on our Facebook and our Twitter but we don’t have them listed on our blog.  So, here is a complete list of some of our favorite health and beauty tips.

  1. Drink lots of water and green tea to rehydrate your skin, reduce dark eye circles, moderate hunger, and wash out toxins!
  2. Wear sunscreen even when it’s cloudy outside!  Use a face lotion with SPF in it to help prevent premature aging and wrinkles.
  3. Stop using face lotion to moisturize your eyes.  The skin surrounding your eyes is super sensitive and therefore, face lotion is not the best product to use.  Start using creams that are specifically meant for your eyes.  In 5 years, your eyes will thank you.
  4. Fight frizz by blow drying the roots of your hair first and then moving down along the length of your hair. 
  5. Use your old coffee grinds for a coffee and honey facial scrub that is full of caffeine and antioxidants.
  6. Briefly warm up your eye lash curler with a hair dryer.  It will keep your eyelashes curled longer.
  7. Prevent razor burn by splashing cold water on the newly shaved area!
  8. Shower with tepid water to prevent drying out your skin and hair.
  9. At night, put a little bit of tooth paste on your pimples and by morning, they should be less inflamed.
  10. Use an electric toothbrush to exfoliate instead of buying an expensive name brand skin care electric brush.
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Our First and Cutest Gatsby Contestants

We received our first photo entry for our Gatsby contest.  These boys are adorable and have such cute Gatsby Hair!

Happy Gatsby Users!

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Gatsby Hair Wax Contest!




We know many of our customers love our Gatsby Moving Rubber products.  So, we decided to give our readers an early Valentine’s Day gift.  We are having a Gatsby Moving Rubber photo contest.  Post a picture of your favorite way to style your hair with Gatsby Hair Wax to our  Facebook.  We’ll pick our favorites out of the bunch and send the winners a FREE  Gatsby Moving Rubber product from www.Webichi.com.

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5 Foods for Your Skin

Hello 2012!  The New Year brings new goals, new hopes, and New Year’s resolutions!   Most people choose general goals like “getting healthier” or “being happier”.  However, the issue with this is that these goals are so vague that it’s hard to know where to start.  So, this year try choosing a specific goal with a specific game plan.  For example if you’re planning on eating healthier this year, try these 5 healthy foods that are not only good for you but are also beneficial for your skin.

  1. Avocados

Avocados contain Vitamin K, B-Complex vitamins and many essential oils.  These vitamins help reduce redness, blotchiness and irritations while the essential oils keep your skin moist.  The great anti-inflammatory features of avocados will help clear your complexion in no time.

 2.   Sweet Potatoes

Start switching out your white potatoes for sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes contain fewer calories, more fiber, and more Vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps reduce the effects of frequent sun exposure and replenish the loss of vitamins through your skin.  Sweet potatoes also contain more than 200% of your daily intake needs of Vitamin A.  Vitamin A plays a crucial role in skin repair and maintenance and therefore, lots of Vitamin A will help reduce wrinkles and acne breakouts.

3.   Spinach

Instead of going for the iceberg lettuce, go for the spinach.  Iceberg lettuce is primarily composed of water and lacks in nutrients when compared to other lettuces.   Green leafy vegetables, like spinach, contain high levels of nutrients that are great for your skin, like Vitamin B2.  Vitamin B2 plays a crucial role in skin health and B2 deficiencies usually result in oily, dry skin and acne problems.  Spinach is also rich in fiber and other vitamins, like Vitamin A and E, which play a large role in skin repair.

4.   Almonds

These little guys are magical!  Not only do they contain a bunch of Vitamin E, a natural moisturizer, but they can also reduce your risk for heart disease and lower your LDL cholesterol levels (the bad type of cholesterol that is linked to cardiovascular problems).  So, go nuts and eat away!

5.   Acai Berries

This fruit is filled with vitamins and antioxidants that do wonders for your skin and body.  The Acai berry contains more antioxidants than any other fruit!  The antioxidants help reduce free radicals from your body and thereby, prevent premature aging.  The berry has high levels of essential fatty acids that help moisturize and protect the skin.

So, this year instead of saying you’ll eat healthier, be sure to have a set game plan and include some of these foods to help improve your overall health and complexion!

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