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Pain du MondeAfter all of the Holiday season rush, the office needed a little break.  It was a beautiful winter day in southern California, so we decided to walk down the street to a little coffee shop, called Pain du Monde.  The tree leaves had turned a beautiful red and green color!   Such a great way to relax and get some fresh air.  However, after that little break, it’s back to work for us!   Take a look at our yummy drinks.

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Webichi’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are just around the corner and this time of year the malls are extremely crowded and congested.  So, this year skip all that mall stress and shop online at  We decided to release a little cheat sheet to our holiday sales and give you a list of all of the best and most popular products that are on sale.  It can be tough trying to find the perfect gift for someone, but with our guide, shopping will be as easy as pie.

Here’s a few of our favorite and most popular Japanese products and brands:

1)      Gatsby Products

This gift is perfect for the hair lovers.  With the cold winter weather coming in, normal hair wax doesn’t hold up too well.   Unlike other waxes, Gatsby Hair Wax is designed to with stand extreme weather conditions.  Their innovative formula contains “Moving Rubber” which creates a strong hold and resilient finish that makes it possible to restyle your hair as many times as you want.  Their formula also contains a newly developed “smooth polymGatsby Moving Rubberer” that creates a less sticky and light finish.  This year we are offering a special holiday Gatsby gift set, each set contains either, Wild Shake, Air Rise, or Spikey Edge Moving Rubber paired with Gatsby Perfect Clear Shampoo.  The special holiday price saves you about 25% off the retail price.  The Gatsby gift set is perfect for the winter weather and a perfect gift for any aspiring hair stylist!

2)      Hadabisei Facial Moisturizing Mask

The wear and tear of the winter winds wreaks havoc on our skin, leaving us with dry, flakey skin.  So, what better gift than an effective moisturizer?  Hadabisei Facial Moisturizing Mask is the best-selling facial moisturizing mask in Japan.  Hadabisei Facial MaskTheir facial mask line contains several specialty products that target certain facial features, such as the Eye Zone Jelly Mask and the 3d Aging Mask .  Hadabisei products have been featured in several Japanese magazines and have been called “this winter’s must have”.  The mask contains nano-size particles that easily and effectively moisturize all of your skin without leaving a greasy or oily feeling.  The Hadabisei product line will be on sale until the end of the year!

3)      Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Care

Having trouble finding a gift for someone who has everything?  Well, why not give them something practical.  Shiseido’s Tsubaki Line offers practical hair care items like shampoo and conditioners.  However, Shiseido adds some luxuriousness behind the practicality by using a unique formula that gives hair extraordinary shine.  Their shampoos and conditioners contain rare oil from the East Asian Camellia flower.  The oil gives hair a highly contrasted shine.  Their products have a complex sweet aroma of Japanese traditional flowers and fruits, such as Hama pear, Nanko plum, white grape, ginger and kosui pear.  Shiseido TsubakiThis year we are offering a Shiseido Tsubaki Holiday gift set.  The gift set contains Shiseido Shinning Repair Shampoo (refill pouch), Conditioner (refill pouch), and Hair Mask.  The exclusive Holiday set is 20% off of the original retail price.  Also, all of the Tsubaki line products are 5% off until the end of the year!  So, for the one person who has everything, give them the gift of Tsubaki.

4)      Bathclin Sofre

Sometimes in our busy lives, we need a reminder to stop and relax.  Bathclin Sofre’s Bath Liquid is the perfect reminder to take a deep breath and allocate some time for a nice relaxing bath.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who is often caught up in work or has no time for themselves.  Give them the excuse to dedicate some of their time to a warm, relaxing bath.   Theurapeutic Bubble BathWarm baths are perfect for the winter time since our skin is so dry.  The Bathclin Sofre’s Bath Liquid contains ingredients that are delicate enough to bathe a baby but strong enough to moisturize and soften dry, rough skin.  Bathclin uses special herbs and ingredients that create a calming and alluring aroma to further the therapeutic effect of a bath.  Give the gift of relaxation.

These are just a few of our favorite Webichi products that are perfect for holiday gifts for everyone in your family.  To keep up-to-date and receive further detail about our weekly December deals and exclusive holiday gift sets, follow our Facebook and Twitter.

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General Order to Apply Skin Care Products

Hey everyone!

It’s the holiday shopping season and we sure are busy in the office but we’re never too busy to update our blog with useful information.  So, here’s  some quick advice on how to get the most out of your skin care products.

Did you know that there is a general order to apply skin care products?  Here’s a general guide:

General order to use skin care products 


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4 Simple Ways to Rehydrate Dry Winter Skin

The cold, dry weather takes a toll on your skin, making it dry, flakey, and irritated.  No one wants to have red, flakey skin during all the holiday parties, so here are a few ways to keep your skin healthy during the winter:

  1. Drink lots of liquids- Water can do wonders for your skin.  H2O keeps your skin hydrated and clears out toxins from your body, keeping your skin clear and blemish free.  If you want to try something different other than just plain water, give green tea a try.  Green tea has amazing health benefits.  Green tea is filled with antioxidants and other healthy ingredients.  Research indicates that it can help reduce cholesterol levels, fight plaque, flush out toxins, and hydrate your skin.  So, next time you step out into the cold winter weather, be sure to carry a cup of warm green tea with you!
  2. Use a humidifier- Although the warm heater air feels great, the dry heat often dries and irritates our skin.  Use a humidifier to add moisture back into the air.  If you don’t have a humidifier, use steam from your shower or sink.  The steam or moist air from your humidifier will keep you skin healthy and hydrated.
  3. Shower with warm water- As much as we all love a hot, soothing shower during the winter, the hot water actually dries out your skin.  The extreme temperatures strip away your skin’s natural oils that help protect your skin from harsh weather and keep your skin hydrated.  Without the protective oils, water from you skin escapes.  Using mild soaps that are oil-infused can replace the natural oils that are often removed by the hot water.  Soaps with healing ingredients like aloe can soothe your irritated skin.  Our customers love to use Naive’s Aloe Body Soap during the winter season to defend their skin against the harsh weather.
  4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!-  The most helpful thing that you can do to prevent dry winter skin is use a daily moisturizer!  The moisturizer acts as a protective barrier that hydrates and protects your skin.  The best time to use a moisturizer is immediately after a warm shower.  Apply moisturizer straight out of the shower to prevent water from evaporating from your skin.  Use Japan’s best-selling facial mask, Hadabisei Facial Moisturizing Mask, to keep your facial skin clean and healthy, or try one of our customers’ all-time favorites, Shiseido Fine Toiletry’s Senka Facial Lotion.  People often think that since it’s winter, sunscreen isn’t necessary.  Although it may be cold, harmful UV rays that can cause wrinkles and even skin cancer still reach us.  Therefore, be sure to use a moisturizer with SPF in it.   

With these 4 easy steps, your skin will be healthy and you’ll be happy all throughout winter!

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Hello Everyone!

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